Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bad Golfers Take Time Out For Fun

We're so bad at golf, we need timeouts here and there to kick back and have fun. If we didn't take time to laugh, we'd go insane...or, we'd keep playing golf and actually improve.

Yeah, that's probably another of my many "reasons you're a bad golfer" right there: you take time out for fun. Professional golfers don't do this. It could be because they have too much money at stake. Or maybe they're perfectionists who practice all the time. Perhaps they just hate fun and have giant, pokey sticks up their butts. It could be any of these reasons (though we all know it's the latter), but the point is that professional golfers have lost their sense of fun.

To them, it's all business.

And I think that's really sad. They've lost their way. They're uptight, haughty, and anti-fun. I suppose you could make an argument that John Daly's self-destructive lifestyle of booze, betting, and women is an attempt at having fun (though's his way of crying for help, now isn't it? Help finding women who love fat gambling golfers). But even if we accept that Daly knows how to have fun...we have to remember that he's already been classified as a Bad Golfer. So he just proves the rule even more.

Bad Golfers take time out for fun. Good golfers are so serious about the game that they get mad at you for laughing during their backswing.

Now...since we've drawn the line yet again between us and the pros...and we're reveling in the fact that we know how to have a good time...let's look at some funny golf-related clips from YouTube and cackle and guffaw while the pros are all out on the driving range hitting their 500th 6-iron shot.

Well, I hope that was a good few laughs for you. Remember...if you can't laugh at yourself...laugh at your buddy. Just make sure to laugh at something.


Chris said...

That Bob Barker thing never gets old. That's a classic. That Simpsons thing is also great--my favorite part is when he asks, "Would you like to play again?" and he says, "You have selected, 'No.'"

Kennelworthy said...

Agreed. I really wanted to find a clip from Dead Putter's Society, the episode where Bart's in that Putt-Putt tournament...but couldn't find it on YouTube.

As an aside, since Google owns'd think YouTube's search feature would work better.